MPG 1.x > 2.x Migration Guide

MPG started as a side project by our marketing and SEO team and since then grew into a standalone solution. There isn’t a better tool to generate and edit bulk landing pages. Over the last year we’ve collected a lot of feedback about MPG 1. Those were bugs, feature requests, and FAQs. Our core development team processed everything and came up with a completely redesigned plugin – MPG 2.0. It is entirely different plugin so it means migration is required if you wish to upgrade to latest version. Please follow the guide below to assure smooth migration.

Step 1. Backup data source file.
In case you no longer have a copy of the file you loaded into MPG 1.0, go to your site > wp-content > plugins > multiple-pages-generator-by-porthas > uploaded_templates and download the json file(s). Typically your template would be named single***********.json. You can use to convert the file to CSV later.

Step 2. Upgrade MPG to 2.0

If you are upgrading using a zip archive of the plugin you must remove old MPG 1.x completely off the WordPress site before installing new version.
If you were a PRO using with MPG 1.x, you need to go to MPG > Account > Sync License (Activate Pro Plan) for PRO to activate.


Activate Pro Plan

Once you upgrade, you will need to create a new project “From scratch”. Set the entity type to page, select the page you had previously set up as the template. Select your source file that you had previously used or backed up from MPG 1.

Step 3. Adjust lists
Previously MPG 1 supported generation of inlink lists through Project id is not specified in [mpg] shortcode shortcode. That shortcode has been expanded and improved and can now be used to cross reference other templates and be used on the MPG generated pages. In your MPG projects, go to Shortcodes. Under Generate Lists, select your parameters and copy the shortcode. Replace or add wherever applicable.

Step 4. Regenerate sitemap (optional)
The old sitemap you generated in MPG 1 should still remain active. It doesn’t hurt, however, to regenerate and track it with MPG 2.0. You can generate it with the same name as the old one was and no further action would be required.

All set! Enjoy your new a better than ever MPG 2.0!

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