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So you’ve found yourself in a situation where you need to create a significant number of pages with similar or identical format. Whether it is lead generation pages, parts directory, or list of approved vendors – MPG can do this in a blink of an eye.

MPG has a huge advantage over other bulk page generation tools as the pages are virtual, meaning no load on WordPress installation and super easy editing!

MPG Free allows creation of one (1) project and up to fifty (50) pages. MPG PRO is unlimited in projects and pages.

Where to start with MPG
1. Select a template to try or build up from or if you are experienced user – start “From scratch”.
2. Set or modify your template entity. Load or modify source URL/file. Adjust URL generation format accordingly to your needs. Add shortcodes from source file to your template to generate unique content.
3. Enjoy! Don’t forget that editing these pages is as easy as modifying your template file and/or data source.

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