Generating Lists (Inlinks)

Generating Lists (i.e. In-links)
One of the biggest advantages of using MPG plugin is ability to generated filtered lists of data from your Source file. This helps generating tables of factual content, in-links, etc. A most popular example would be generating a clickable list of all states in a country, or cities in a state.

To do just that, we will:

  • head over to our MPG project, and click the “Shortcode” tab at the top of the page.
  • Scroll down to “Generate list”.
  • Here we can setup the filter and criterial of the generated list. For example, if you use our “US cities” template and would like to generate a clickable list of all cities in Cuyahoga Country, in state of Ohio, you would specify the condition to be state_name = Ohio AND county_name = Cuyahoga.
  • A shortcode below will be generated which you can preview (first 4 URLs will appear).


Generate list

But you don’t need to limit yourself with just a list! Generate a whole table with adding some HTML code..

<table style=”width:100%” border=”1″><tr></tr></table>

Let your imagination run wild by creating nests of templates! You can have a template made out for countries, inside of each generated page have a generated list of states/provinces, inside have a list of generated cities, inside have a list of generated Mayors and each page contain biography on each mayor. Impressed yet?! Go and try this yourself!


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