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Avoiding “Duplicate Content”

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How to avoid generating duplicate content

One of the most common questions we are asked is whether Google considers MPG generated pages so called ‘duplicate’ content.
There is a perception that all manually written pages are “good” while generated pages are “bad” and Google hunts them down. However, if we look at the top results on Google for some of the most frequent service searches, we will quickly recognize global brands generating landing pages that are identical to each other outside of the results they return:


Duplicate Content
Google SERP for “Plumber near me”

In reality, there is no difference for search engines between manual and generated pages. It is what we perceive the pages to be because we use WordPress and we don’t manually write them. Any web app generates pages, even Google. Just look at any SERP pages. They are the same and are fully generated. In other words, as long as the page drives value for it’s intended user and searcher – Google will value the page and show it in the SERP.

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