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The Multiple Pages Generator is a WordPress plugin for bulk creation of pages, even unlimited pages. 


However, if your URL is showing a 404 Error – Page Not Found, here’s a checklist to fix it:


1.  First, make sure that the MPG plugin is properly installed; the CSV source file is loaded, and the template is properly set.


2. Check if the requested URL doesn’t belong to an existing page, especially in the trash.


3. Check if the requested URL is identically included in the data file uploaded to the MPG plugin.


4. Make sure to disable any custom 404-page plugins. Sometimes they check the page URL in the database before MPG does and return as 404.


5.  Check for these most common problems that cause 404 Error:

a.Unsupported characters in a column used as a shortcode for URL generation.

b.Use of “Plain” permalink structure under Settings > Permalinks.

c. Conflict with another plugin


MPG supports multi-sites and multi-language setups, though specific plugins might not be supported. Contact us if there is still an issue.


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