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Multiple Pages Generator Pro

Complete Content Control

From city or locality-specific landing pages to keyword-focused fresh content posts to your blog, you can create them all in bulk with the WordPress Multiple Pages Generator plugin.

Count on MPG’s hassle-free functionalities to generate unique content fast. Manage every page detail to create unlimited pages, posts, and custom posts that boost your search engine presence.

Import unlimited keywords, or even choose from our ready-to-use dataset library templates. From the pages’ design to each piece of content, you have full control of ALL your new pages.

Are you in eCommerce? Choose MPG to automatically create beautiful product pages based on your existing product data.

Ease of Editing

Update and make edits at any time. Because the WordPress Multiple Pages Generator plugin creates pages from a template page and a database sheet file, you can add, update, or delete your content easily, and even automatically.

Whether you use a page builder plugin, or if you code the page design from scratch, any changes or updates you choose to make are instantly published across every generated URL.

Unique content gets pulled from your database files, whether they are stored offline (.csv, .xlsx or .ods file), or online (.csv or Google Sheets). The MPG WordPress page creator plugin then populates each new page with the content of the file.

Each header in your file represents a different set of content groups, renamed as shortcodes. These can be everything from Header titles to meta descriptions and even snippets of code.

Multiple Pages Generator Pro
Multiple Pages Generator Pro

Internal link Generation

Forget orphaned or dead-end pages that can hurt your SEO performance. The Multiple Pages Generator plugin makes it easy to create generated lists or inlinks between the generated pages, and between existing pages on your WordPress website.

Connect your content and help search engines, like Google, understand the structure of your website. You can determine page attributes by creating inlinks and lists within specific pages in your list.

Generate location keyword-focused landing pages in mass. Location keywords such as city names, counties, ZIP codes, phone area codes, and phone country codes, and even Google maps can be easily embedded or generated for each custom page.

Combine powerful, unique content to quickly generate mass, rich location-specific content for each page. Need to save time? Use one of MPG’s database templates that include a full list of cities (with latitude, longitude, and population) in the world, in the USA, a list of app integrations, and more.

Customizable Sitemaps

Automatically generate powerful sitemaps to send to search engines. With the Multiple Pages Generator plugin, you can generate an additional sitemap that you can load in your Google Search Console in addition to your existing sitemap.

There is almost no limit to how many sitemaps you can load to your Google Search Account. And with MPG’s functionalities, you can optimize your sitemap so that your thousands of new pages can get indexed by Google.

Determine the maximum of URLs per sitemap, the frequency you recommend search engines to check back for updates, and even add your MPG sitemap to the robots.txt of your site.

Learn more about how to generate your custom MPG sitemap here.

Multiple Pages Generator Pro
Multiple Pages Generator Pro

Scheduled Importing

If you are using MPG Pro to create your product pages, you can count on automatically scheduled importing to keep your thousands of landing pages up-to-date.

When you connect a public CSV or Google Sheet, you have the choice to have the Multiple Pages Generator update the published pages at a given frequency. You can even set up a notification to your email for every update.

Add special announcements for offers and special holidays, or drip-feed content to your WordPress website just by adding the information to your database and scheduling the import through MPG Pro.

Images, Videos, Maps, and more

Create beautiful and diverse landing pages in bulk with the Multiple Pages Generator Pro. Easily include dynamic images, video, maps, web forms, code, dynamic search results, etc. 

Not even the sky can limit your MPG Pro from adding thousands of unique content to thousands of landing pages. Specific geolocation data embedded into their EXIF data to help with Google Image Search Rankings.

Use MPG’s shortcodes to pull media from your Media Library, or even publicly available sources like:

  • Google Maps
  • Media Library
  • OpenStreetMap
  • OpenWeatherMap
  • Pexels
  • Pixabay
  • Related Links
  • Wikipedia
  • Yelp! Business listings
  • YouTube
  • And more!

Simply make sure that you have the source data in your database file, then include the generated shortcodes into your template page design.  It’s that easy.

Multiple Pages Generator Pro
Multiple Pages Generator Pro

Schema Markup

MPG Pro’s interface makes it easy for you to incorporate unique Schema markup data into your generated content, whether they are blog posts, landing pages, or product pages.

Schema markup is the information that helps Google and other search engines interpret exactly what your content is about.

You can add the shortcode to the microdata you are using to your template page, so that each new page generated has its own unique schema markup data.

Dominate Local SEO with Spintax

Create truly unique content for each locality-specific page you generate. By using the Multiple Pages Generator plugin, you can create thousands of location pages instantly.

What is Local SEO? It’s the process of optimizing your website content to bring more relevant search traffic and business from a specific location. 

If you service multiple locations, you can easily boost your local SEO by creating unique content pages for each of them. And MPG lets you generate all these new pages in minutes.

Multiple Pages Generator Pro
Multiple Pages Generator Pro

Niche Search Optimization

Do you need to stand out in multiple niches? Or are you trying to shine on one specific niche industry? MPG makes it easy to target multiple niche-specific keywords to help you rank higher on search engines.

You can import your own set of niche-targeting keywords, but you can also use MPG’s ready-to-use lists of industry-specific keyword lists.

Keywords can then be inserted into MPG Pro’s template page, including the title, content, meta description, and all other fields.

Ready-to-Go Templates

Feeling lost for keyword term ideas? Just browse MPG’s directory of ready-to-go templates with complete lists of keywords, such as location details and industry-specific terms.

Speed up your mass page publishing with Multiple Pages Generator’s ready-to-go templates. These complete databases you can use to generate thousands of unique pages. Each one catered to specific locations, industries, niches, and more.

Get started right away and create pages in bulk for your WordPress website from a template.

Building Directory Sites

MPG Pro offers full support for hierarchical content generation. If you are looking to build a location-based directory site, MPG is your go-to WordPress plugin. 

Simplify content interlinking and choose any structure you need for your pages, for example:

  • State > County > City > ZIP Code > Service
  • Service > Region > County > City > ZIP Code
  • Service > City > ZIP Code
  • Industry > Service > City > Address
  • City > Service > Sub Service

MPG List Generating of internal links lets you automatically structure your content. For instance, you can link to other services offered in a specific city, or nearby locations within a radius.  

Multiple Pages Generator Pro
Multiple Pages Generator Pro

Ultra-Fast Loading Times

The Multiple Pages Generator plugin is easily the fastest bulk page generator plugin you can find.

The generated content produced with MPG is ‘virtual’. This means that your WordPress site doesn’t get overloaded with all the thousands of new pages you create, and when the URL of one of these pages loads in a browser, MPG automatically populates the page with the correct data.

This method has no negative SEO effect, since most frameworks and systems generate ‘virtual’ pages, and it keeps your website nice and lightweight.

Supported Page Builders

MPG Pro works smoothly with all Page Builders, automatically integrating itself to work with the Page Builder you chose. Here are some WordPress Page Builders you might consider using with the Multiple Pages Generator Pro:

  • Ark (Theme)
  • Avada 5.0+ (Theme)
  • Avia Layout Builder (Plugin)
  • Beaver Builder (Plugin)
  • BeTheme 21.1.x+ (Theme)
  • Bold Page Builder (Plugin)
  • Divi 3.0+ (Theme) and The Divi Builder (Plugin)
  • Elementor and Elementor Pro(Plugin)
  • Enfold (Theme)
  • Flatsome (Theme)
  • Fusion Builder (Plugin)
  • Fresh Builder (Plugin)
  • Kallyas Theme (using Zion Page Builder)
  • KuteThemes (Themes using Ovic Addons Toolkit Plugin)
  • Live Composer (Plugin)
  • Muffin Page Builder (Plugin)
  • Oxygen Page Builder (Plugin)
  • Pro and X (Theme)
  • SiteOrigin Page Builder (Plugin)
  • The7 (Theme)
  • TheBuilt (Theme)
  • Themify Builder (Plugin), Themify Ultra (Theme)
  • Thrive Architect (Plugin)
  • Visual Composer (Plugin)
  • WPBakery Page Builder (Plugin)
  • And more!

Is the Page Builder you work with not listed above? Contact us and we’ll be happy to test it for you.

Multiple Pages Generator Pro
Multiple Pages Generator Pro

Supported SEO Plugins

The Multiple Pages Generator WordPress plugin is a truly powerful SEO tool, since it allows you to target thousands of keywords with unique content.

On top of that, it also works seamlessly with your favorite SEO plugins, like Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, SEOPress, Rank Math SEO, and others.

Boost your SEO results by partnering MPG with the SEO plugin that works best for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hosting requirements?

You must have either a self-hosted WordPress site or a site with the Business Plan or higher, running at least version WordPress 5.0 and PHP 7.2.

How does MPG work?

When a URL is requested by your browser, the first priority is to load an actual existing page or post. If it doesn’t exist, before returning 404, MPG will check if the URL is within its database. If it is, it will render the selected template page, replace all URL-related data and shortcodes, return status 200, and load the page for the end-user.

Check out our tutorials here.

What if my URL is showing a 404?

First, make sure the plugin is properly installed, the CSV is loaded and the template is properly set.

If the problem persists:

  1. Check that the requested URL doesn’t belong to an existing page, especially in Trash.
  2. Check that the requested URL is identically included in the data file uploaded to the MPG plugin.
  3. Make sure to disable any custom 404-page plugins. Sometimes they check page URL in the database before MPG does and return 404.
  4. Still getting the error message? Write to support here. 
What do I do if my CSV file won’t upload?

If you are trying to upload a file and the MPG plugin isn’t able to extract the data in it, the likely reason is that the file doesn’t have the columns and types of values that it should. 

A quick and easy solution is to go to:

There you can upload or link your CSV file and it will standardize your file so it can be uploaded to the MPG file without a hitch.

Is the MPG plugin free?

You can use all the features of the plugin for free to create up to 50 pages in bulk. To create an unlimited amount of landing pages, you can upgrade your plan. 

I represent an agency, can I let my clients use this Plugin on their own sites?

Absolutely! But each website will need its own MPG activation license.

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